Want To Know About iPhone 6?

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Want To Know About iPhone 6?

As Apple released its iPhone 5C and 5S that may have disappointed many, it does not have larger screen instead we were expecting some larger display from Apple. We’ve seen 4 inch iPhone 5 and wanted to see  some more wider display on Apple’s new iPhones. If you’re one of us who is thinking exactly like us then no need to worry about it and thanks to the iPhone 6 concepts.

Lots of rumors were suggesting a wider display for the iPhone 5S and in the end all went dead when Apple announced iPhone 5S with no wider screen display. What about that rumor which had been unleashed just 6 days before the iPhone 5S release date. Which stated that the Apple is working on a screen up six inches, perhaps that rumor wasn’t for iPhone 5S, indeed it was for upcoming iPhone 6, that’s the fact that hasn’t disclosed by the Apple.

Want To Know About iPhone 6?

Perhaps Apple is planning for the bigger iPhone and wants to announce it in 2014, that will really compete Galaxy Note and Galaxy S4 in the Asian battleground. May be Apple is looking for some suitable timing that will really boost their company.

Not satisfied with waiting, the designers are imagining themselves to dream up the new iPhone 6 which really sports large displays. And amazingly we have seen a large number of enchanting ones emerge like the DevianArt shows iPhone 6 with great edge to edge display combined with the metal frame that is totally slim making it more attractive. Perhaps Apple shows it’s will upon their suggestion in its mind.


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