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Technology has progressed a great deal in the times of today and so are the security threats. People have found various ways to intrude into other people’s privacy using this advanced technology in a negative way. That is why adequate precautions are needed to save you from these intruders and enjoy the wonders of technology like an iphone. The easiest solution is that you can sign up for a vpniphone.


The following step will guide you how to manage the VPN settings on your iphone. These steps will give you a detailed insight regarding a vpn iphone.

Instruction Step 1:Go to Settings from Home screen.

Instruction Step 2:When you select General Settings you have to select network.

Instruction Step 3:Select VPN Button.

Instruction Step 4:Choose add vpn configuration.

Instruction Step 5:Fill VPN Settings in L2TP tab.

Instruction Step 6:Then Name your connection in description field.

Instruction Step 7:Type host name or IP address in server field.

Instruction Step 8:Account Field needs your user name.

Instruction Step 9:Enter password in the password field.

Instruction Step 10:Enter your vpn connection three shared key in the secret field.

Instruction Step 11:Now you should click the save button.

Instruction Step 12:Enter the vpn screen and select a vpn you want to connect to and switch on.

You are now connected.

Follow the above tutorial and enjoy the endless benefits of vpn iphone. The key is that you have to follow the steps exactly as identified in the tutorial for safe browsing.

VPN importance:

  • However you will need the services of a trusted service provider to attain the maximum benefits. Trusted VPN Service provider is necessary because sometimes people try to eliminate the cost element and then they have to compromise on their privacy. A trusted VPN Service Provider will ensure reliable connections and services.
  • There are many benefits that you will be able to enjoy because you will have VPN on your iphone. The main being the internet service provider will not be able to inspect your data. Your internet browsing will be safe. You can hide your IP address when you have a VPN service and the websites you visit will not be able to see your actual IP address.
  • They will only be able to see the server communication. The biggest advantage is that even your location would be not identified when you are using a VPN service. Your internet experience would not suffer due to ads that are based on location.
  • Some sites are country specific and you will be able to break down that barrier when you have a VPN on your iphone. An iphone VPN service will facilitate you will a number of IP addresses and your actual identity would be safe. One thing you need to remember is that you would need a 256 bit encryption level for a complete security of your iphone.

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