Update on iPhone 6 – Latest Mockup Shows off Grey Hue for Apple’s Next iPhone

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iPhone 6

All of the top brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG have released their latest devices putting a lid on all the reports and rumors. So, what’s left behind? If Apple is coming to your mind, then you are right. There’s no catchy news left for the bloggers expect to write on iPhone 6 and for this everyday different leaks and mockups for iPhone 6 are being surfaced on the web.

Today, we’ll talk about another iPhone 6 mockup appeared on Nowhereelse pointing that iPhone 6 will come in space grey hue. A few days back, we’ve seen the same source talking about another iPhone 6 mockup with the same design and features that the latest one holds.

iPhone 6 mockup

There’re still some months left for iPhone 6 when Apple will launch it officially. Until then, the rumors mil doesn’t seem to be ending. You may also see more iPhone 6 mockups suggesting different designs and features in the upcoming days.

Now, let’s talk about the latest iPhone 6 mockup, the rounded-edge design looks good but it doesn’t look like an iPhone as Apple has always been bringing a traditional design so that folks from a distant can identify its iPhone. And that’s true; Apple has a specific look for its smartphones.

We just suggest you to wait if you want to get the final look of iPhone 6 as there’re some folks who have got sick of iPhone 6 listening different stories everyday. Let me tell you when Apple will unveil it, it’s likely that iPhone 6 could come in September or October. We’ll let you know when Apple talks about anything officially.


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