Update on Apple iPhone 6 – Some of the Internal Parts Leaked

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Morning isn’t a morning if you don’t have anything to hear about Apple iPhone 6. The rumor mill of this long-rumored flagship smartphone doesn’t seem to be ending instead it’s getting on the peak. Anyways, there’re some things that supposed to be real when we talk about Apple’s next big thing. Larger display is one of them where all of the different rumors and reports intersect each other.

We have seen Apple’s competitors launching the devices with larger display. So, it could be the reason that we are expecting a larger iPhone that might hold a screen size of 5.5-inch. Those who really don’t like bigger display shouldn’t get worried as there’re also some reports over the web saying Apple has two iPhones for the September launch; one with 4.7-inch screen size while other with 5.5-inch.

Now come to the latest update on Apple’s next-gen iPhone. A Japanese tech blog ASCII.jp published some of the images of iPhone 6’s internal parts that could be of TouchID sensor. Apple first introduced this technology in iPhone 5S last year that lets users unlock their handsets and verify App Store purchases simply putting finger on the scanner.

iPhone 6 leaked parts

From the leaked images, we can see a clear difference between the two parts. The top one is from iPhone 5S while the bottom one is said to be from iPhone 6. We aren’t sure about the authenticity of these images; it may or may not be real. There’s still no word from the company for iPhone 6 release date, specs and design.

iPhone 6's internal parts leaked


So, take this post as a pinch of salt as nothing been confirmed from Apple so far. We’ll let you know if there comes anything official from the company. Stay tuned!


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