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If you are apple user and looking to unlock iPhone 4 then you can consider this link as guiding principle. Here, you will find a good way to unlock your iPhone having any model. Unlocking is a procedure to remove instructions from the modem regarding SIM. It enables you to use any service provider network on your device and you can avail this opportunity at anywhere you want.

With lock you cannot use it with local SIM card to foreign countries this means that you have to pay a large amount of your income to use this device in other countries excluding local. For this you have to make contracts to service provider companies to use this phone. Except this once you unlock it you can use it in other countries with local SIM. After getting unlocked you are free in feeling to use any network with your one local SIM card.

unlock iPhone 4

Guiding Principles to Unlock iPhone 4:

  1. There are many people who wish to unlock iPhone 4 to run it in local setup to save their money and want to feel free. You have to activate your device with AT&T along with Wi-Fi connection, data cable and need to delete all iTunes before doing unlocking process.
  2. In case of installation iTunes on your device, go to the application folder and tap utility file to open OS X’s Activity Monitor. Look for iTunes setup then click to suspend this process.
  3. As you know about apple’s system that it does not allow user to connect their device to third person’s application, but AppTapp program is available to install for this purpose which was developed by the NullRiver. This program will allow you to upload different software and other related links to unlock your iPhone.
  4. After sometime you will receive a message to install it successfully, and now you have a new installer application on your iPhone screen.
  5. Once you have installed AppTapp installer, there will be a lot of applications for you which you can easily install,l but you have to install first the OpenSSH, order Community Source and BSD Subsystem to precede this function.                
  6. First starts download this program to run this process efficiently. During this procedure you have to know about firmware versions which will be a question for you that which version your iPhone has, so initially it will be 1.0.2 firmware and with this press the button to continue its process.
  7. Now download unlock application, lockdown and Cyberduck. Subsequent to never auto lock press the button to open cyberduck then write down IP address.  
  8. If you successfully connected then find the way to pull it lock downed after which it will question you to overwrite the obtainable file, next press to continue.
  9. Haul the unlock file from computer in cyberduck after productively completion this just turn off your device and put out the SIM. Following this, on your iPhone and select the application to unlock iPhone 4.
  10. When you do that you will see a white blank screen and show you a message to found all files this means it’s ready to run then click to start which will take about few minutes to run properly.
  11. As you see a completion message, just insert your SIM and congratulations you have successfully unlock your iPhone.

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