The Secret Weapon of iPhone 5S

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The Secret Weapon of iPhone 5S

One thing that you might have heard about the latest iPhone 5S, its fingerprint technology that gets all the attention, but the real secret weapon of iPhone 5S is its camera.

When someone asks to see my new iPhone 5S, they look very curious about the fingerprint technology. Then this technology doesn’t seem convincing them.

Sounds awkward? Yeah it’s quite true. This technology apparently isn’t getting such a hype that we thought. Let’s have some talk about the secret weapon of iPhone 5S, it’s real killer camera and for me it’s the most powerful camera from all sides.

It amazes me every time when I use it. So I become a fan of iPhone 5S’s camera. Many people focus more on cameras than anything else when they go for new Smartphone as it is going to use more than anything. There’re two kinds of modes that really amaze me; the Burst and Slo-Mo mode.

When people ask me for fingerprint demo, my reaction for this ‘’it’s just invisible.. But take a look at this’’. Then I show them it’s camera that runs superbly. Everything related to its camera is just awesome such as its machine gun sort of sound effect.

If you got a family then you’re surely gonna love iPhone 5S’s camera as it offers you to capture your favorite moments. Here is a demo of iPhone 5S’s camera that is going to amaze you.


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