Rumor: Apple to Bring Low Price iPhone

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There are speculations and rumors floating in tech-market that Apple might bring a new iPhone line with cheaper prices in the June-July this year. This news has been seen when experts are expecting iPhone 5S announcement and iPhone 5 is still in production. Apple’s next-generation flagship smartphone iPhone 5S will be another contender for the other brands.

Low Price iPhone

Announcement of the low price iPhone or iPhone Series will be a big step of Tech-Giant Apple and it might revolutionize the Smartphone industry and will open a new phase of competition because if this happens and iPhone series comes at a cheap price then Apple and iPhone might go to another level.

It is expected that, cheaper iPhone will have the same 4-inch screen appearance like iPhone 5, but it will be in plastic casing and there will be no Retina display in that version of iPhone.

Experts Advice for Expected Low Price iPhone

Experts believe that if this happens and Apple sets the price between $300 to 400, then Apple will set new standards in the market and will make a difference. Apple fans would be expecting big news like that and especially people who don't have an iPhone yet.

There are expectations that such type of low price iPhone product would bring another $22 billion revenue for Apple Inc, and more than $5 boost in earnings per share in calendar year 2014 for tech-giant.

According to rumor and expectations, there is a Smartphone market which might be expanded to about 500 million units in calendar 2014.

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Apple might get more than 15 percent share of this new and speculated market of low-price smart phones. Apple’s future does not seem in darkness as they had planned to release 6th edition of iPad soon this year and so-called iWatch and television technologies are underway to be announced in the future.

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