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Among the announcements about apple devices the news for iPhone 4 S impressed people because of its special features and specifications. After given iPhone 4 to market apple start working for another super and extra featured device to display in front people so that they can live a better telecom life as ever before. Then they gives us the better opportunity in this field in shape of iPhone 4 S.

news for iPhone 4S

You will observe many advanced features in this device and having extra battery timing than previous devices and extra functioning with more glamorous look but same in look wise as iPhone 4. Moreover, it supportsboth networks of GSM and CDMA and easily available in market in two main colors black and white in equal price. Voice facility is available to send messages and having large capacity to store things in memory with extra battery timing. Many other functions are also the part of this device as Siri, HD cam quality, heavy processing speed with latest IOS version and can use for multidimensional purposes.

Utilization of iPhone 4S:

News for iPhone 4Shas impressed people to take decision to buy it because of its superior functionality. It is better in each aspect than simple iPhone 4. You can get an idea by viewing its functioning programming and its specifications.

  • It has high resolution camera with 8MP unit of five element lens which resolute your image up to 3264X2448 with auto functioning. Hybrid IR filters also makes the cam quality better than other phones.
  • The extra quality of this device make its performance excellent than the iPhone 4 which is double antenna feature, this feature divides the programming functioning into two parts and make the calls quality good and enhance the browsing speed too.
  • Extra battery timing encourages people to consider this iPhone to buy. It has more than 2oo hours standby timing whereas 14 hours for 2 G talk’s time with 6 hours of 3 G browsing and nine hours for Wi-Fi browsing.
  • It has thirty two GB memory to save things with 512 MB Ram.
  • Its weight is about 4.94 oz with 3.5 inches screen and available in black and white colors.
  • It can understand three languages German, English and French.
  • If you are busy and do not want to type your message or cannot read it then you can give verbal commands to your mobile and it will follow your given instructions that is amazing. All this happen because of Siri application facility which makes it more attractive.
  • All these news for iPhone 4S compel customers to visit its web pages to know more about it and no doubt regarding its extra functioning quality to enhance its importance among users.

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