New iPhone Supposed To Be Revealed Sept. 10

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New iPhone Supposed To Be Revealed Sept. 10

The Apple loyalists who have got tight to their handsets even as the rival manufacturer launch one new device after another which gets aim or goal at the tried~and~true favorite will not have to wait too much longer to contest back.

The Cupertino, Calif~based company is estimated to reveal the upcoming version of the Smartphone during the Sept.10, according to the technology blog (All Things D).

New iPhone Supposed To Be Revealed Sept. 10

Other than the fact that the upcoming phones will operate on iOS 7 system revealed in the June, very little sure about what the Apple has in store for next new phones.

Most industry observers agree that the phone will probably comprise an upgraded processor and camera, moreover to a fingerprint detector.

New iPhone Supposed To Be Revealed Sept. 10

Some people expect Apple to release a new, lower~cost iPhone model to aid the company contest on the bottom end of the SmartPhone market, All Things D says. Other conjectures comprise a bigger collection of colors and wider screens.

So in the end lets see what happened or what Apple will introduce in their new upcoming iPhone. But many people having different hearsays predict different about the new iPhone. And Sept.10 is no more longer.

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