New iPhone 6 Leaks suggest a Thinner Body

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Every day we hear different hearsays regarding iPhone 6 which don’t seem to be lessening until the final release. So again, iPhone 6 comes in today’s story as G for Games spotted some images of iPhone 6 through a Chinese social networking site, Weibo.

iPhone 6 leaks

The leaked images of iPhone 6 suggest a thinner body that hasn’t been ever seen from Apple. It could be a pressure of opponents that are being appreciated with smart designs. These images may be vague for many as they don’t depict the true concept and let you stick with the rear side of the handset only.

iPhone 6 seeped image

This new design looks familiar to the new iPod Touch and sidesteps the Apple tradition of sticking with the bar form design. So, we can expect something new from Apple that’ll really grab the attention. We all know that the specs more matters than the design. It’s a difficult task for the company to introduce a device that could really compete with the other competitor’s products like Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2. Seeing 20MP rear snapper in Z2, users won’t be convinced if Apple goes for less MegaPixel count.

There’s also some buzz around the tech society that Apple will release two brand new devices later this year. Going with plastic body in iPhone 5C wasn’t a good decision. So, we can now expect something other than plastic material as it hasn’t been a good experience for the company. Anyhow, Apple hasn’t made any official statement regarding its next flagship device. So take this post as a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed so far.

Source: G for Games


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