New iPhone 6 Leak Confirms a Slim Design with Rounded Edges

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iPhone 6 leaks

With lots of rumors and reports, iPhone 6 may has become the most rumored smartphone of 2014. Everyday, you got a new story of iPhone 6 pointing different features and design. But, this time Nowhereelse takes the floor by showing iPhone 6 mockup.

The latest leak confirms the slim design along with rounded edges which is largely being discussed from the first day. Unfortunately, enthusiasts aren’t going to get a break of seeing iPhone 6’s final image as nobody knows exactly where these images come from. But sources familiar to the news say that the images have been appeared on a well-known Chinese forum, which has always been good in leaking Apple products.

We don’t see power button placed on the top of handset that opposes the Apple’s traditions of sticking with the typical design. But seeing the image, it is believed that power button has been relocated to the right side of the handset.

iPhone 6 leak 3

The accurate screen size is also vague, but we can assume that it could be of 4.7-inch. It’s likely that iPhone 6 might hold the following dimensions; 6.1mm thick, 64mm wide and 138mm long. These dimensions make some sense as the current iPhone 5S is 7.6mm thick, 58.6mm wide and 123.8mm long.

iPhone 6 leak 2

Anyways, we don’t know the authenticity of this leak, but if it gets true then it’s really gonna give a tough time to its competitors. Take this post as a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed by the company so far. We will let you know when Apple talks about anything officially. So stay tuned!


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