New and Latest iPhone Rumors

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New and Latest iPhone Rumors

The big news regarding tech on the Friday morning was the Steve Ballmer’s retirement from the Microsoft, but this news out of the Redmond has not ended the iPhone rumor chatter.

So here are some new and latest iPhone rumors will make you aware of some exact information regarding Apple’s next iPhone.

This week, the rumor mill concentrated largely on whether the Apple will produce a gold iPhone. Although some initially jeered at the suggestion, more & more outlets are striking in with a confirmation which the Cupertino will certainly go for the gold and with its iPhone 5S.

Plus, many different blogs posted seeped shots of the imaginary gold iPhone, so prepare yourself for Sept. 10.

We got some insight into what a low~cost iPhone may cost, when the new Apple Smartphone may launch overseas, a look at the rumored feature on iPhone 5C, and many more.

New and Latest iPhone Rumors

These bites join current rumors, comprising a Sept.10 launch date, there is no Siri on iPhone 5C, a 128GB iPhone, azure crystal display, and many more.

Not to be beaten, temporarily,the iPhone couldn’t  be the only great Apple reveal next month. As noted by an AppleInsider, the Hong Kong~based supply chain monitor (EMSOne) reports that the Hasewell~based MacBook Pro could be on the agenda for the September.

The Apple unveiled a Hasewell~based MacBook Air at its WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) in June, but chip upgrade will reportedly extend to the MacBook Pro. According the EMSOne, the manufacturers in the Taiwan are shipping Hasewell~enhanced MacBook Pro mechanisms.

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