Mophie Juice Pack Air comes for iPhone 5

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Setting and tuning up iPhone with great apps and utilities is always a need. Cool cases and skins add up more creativity, innovation and likeness to the iPhone. Now good news for iPhone 5 users, after iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S versions of Juice Pack Air now Mophie’s recent release comes to iPhone 5. Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 5 will be newness, a cool utility and a great solution for iPhone users who will be highly engaged with the iPhone usage and its accessories with different solutions.

Mophie Juice Pack AirBefore Juice Pack Air, Mophie has released $80 iPhone 5 battery case Juice Pack Helium. Mophie’s recent release Juice Pack Air is a $100 product for iPhone users. Last version Helium, which was seen to be giving 80% recharge to iPhone 5 battery backup and in real delivered around 66% which was little sad for iPhone users who purchased that battery case for their iPhone products.

What is better in Mophie Juice Pack Air?

juice pack airIt is assumed and predicted that Juice Pack Air will give a 100% recharge but experts feel that it would be good enough if it actually delivers slightly less than 100%. Juice Pack Air comes with $20 increase in the price.

Mophie Juice Pack Air claims to be seen with better results practically as compared to the competitors of the game in battery backup service delivering. According to the situation it seems that Mophie would surely want to stand in the line to show competitiveness and quality to the consumers to make their mark.

The juice pack air for iPhone 5 – The Real Deal

mophie-juice-pack-air-for-iphone-5Mophie shows confidence on the Juice Pack Air which is an upgraded version of Helium Juice pack. Battery Capacity of Juice Pack Air is 1700 mAh and it has been presented an ideal and solid gadget for job holders and businessmen. People who are extremely busy with their jobs, they have on field jobs, people like reporters journalists, doctors at hospital, Media representatives, politicians, construction managers and engineers.  

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The best thing about Mophie Juice Pack Air is, it provides an extra battery with the option to switch it with a flip. Turn on the juice pack air when you see battery runs low and you need to do some urgent calls or email on your iPhone and utilize this product to stay connected and updated with your work.

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