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iPhone 6 with bezel-less design(Photo : REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni )

After the announcement of big thing ‘GS5’ from Samsung, Apple really needs to do something awesome to stay in the game. The competition is very high as its competitors have come out with some high-end devices that really can give tough time to Apple. It would be a fun to see how Apple will compete its other rivals.

Let’s get into what Apple is prepping for its next flagship iPhone 6. The new phone might come with a large and bezel-less screen, according to many reports floating around the tech dugouts. The Apple’s next Smartphone is likely to come with a sophisticated design that can be seen in the leaked photo. It’s time to put all traditions aside and go for something bigger, I think that’s what Apple is working on to shock its enthusiasts.

Sources close to the news confirm the presence of 8MP rear camera that comprises an ability to take shots even in low light. For many, it would better if Apple goes beyond the 15MP. Following the trends, its competitors such as Oppo is also very keen to cram a whopping 50MP sharp shooter in its next flagship device. So, analyzing the present-day needs, 8MP isn’t a big deal.

The things get vague when another rumor at China’s IT168 talks about 10MP rear camera with f/1.8 aperture. So, we can expect something more innovative as nothing has been written with a permanent ink by the company so far.

Here’s a video demonstration of iPhone 6 that might go well if this idea persists. But, Apple doesn’t like other’s suggestions.

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