iPhone Named as Tripod and Mobi

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You will amazed to hear about your favorite Apple device names that iPhone also named Tripod and Mobi. Yes it is true, this secret was revealed by Ken Segall, who is an Apple’s former head of advertisement and this incident was done at the university of Arizona’s department of Management.

No one is agree to accept this truth that iPhone was previously known by other names which are Tripod and Mobi. Tripod gives the meaning of three means iPhone is three in one device having quality of mobile which is so called Mobi.

iPhone also named Tripod and Mobi

iPhone as Tripod and Mobi:

iphone tripodiPhone also named Tripod and Mobi sounds different or you can say that odd. No one get an idea about this fabulous device that it would have these strange names but when you will look on these names deeply then you will get the proper sense about that device that why it called these.

All this has become possible because of Ken Segall an advertiser of the Apple Inc. He told in the seminar at the university of Arizona otherwise we will not get the history of our lovely device.

What is Tripod?

Here is a combination of devices to take understanding on the name Tripod used for the iPhone. This combination is made with three words, the first one is Phone, second one is the iPod and the last but not least is internet, then create another word Tripod with the combination of all three and after that it is called by the name of iPhone, the best device ever.

You can say that this device is combining usable for different purposes and has the capacity to fulfill the needs related to all three.

What is Mobi?

To get understand this term you can easily relate this word to a very common word mobile which is used to make calls everywhere you want to. iPhone fulfill the desire of people to make calls to their loved ones that’s why it is also called Mobi in short.

These are the simple explanations regarding the names of iPhone. It is a collection device which contains too many features to use ordinary to extraordinary and accomplish a person’s desire to use it anywhere according to need.

You can take work to brows things related to your task having internet access, also easy to connect with your family members or friends, along with it, you can entertain yourself in your boring or free time by playing music or watch videos just like an iPod.

Other this making calls just like the mobile and provide mobile services using SIM cards which make it alike to a mobile. So it can also be called by these names that the iPhone also named Tripod and Mobi.

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