iPhone A 1332 Speces and Features

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iPhone A1332 is a model  number of iPhone 4 category. It is a way to recognize the phone type like this model is available in three sizes like 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB, all these are iPhone 4 GSM but differences in memory sizes.

The display is made of glass whereas the rounded areas are made of stainless steel unbreakable. It has a quality of two cameras first is at the front side and the second is on the back side, both can be used at the same time.

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There is an ambient light and proximity sensor is the part of the phone. The device has many other features which make fluctuate it to another group of iPhone 4.

iphone a1332

Specifications and Features:

If you are going to purchase an iPhone 4 then first review the model’s category to choose the good one which fulfills your demands. Here we will discuss about specifications of iPhone A1332.

Design and Display:

Display and DesignIts screen is multi touch of 3.5 inches. It is different in design and display with other iPhone 4. Its back is made with stainless steel which is an unbreakable having glass display which can break when you not care of it. It has buttons to control volume on the side which is not in other mobiles of this group.

Moreover sleep button is displayed at the front of the phone, with 30 pin connector and headset input with second microphone. It has a high resolution of display of 960X640 with 800:1 ratio and 500 CD over m2 brightness which makes it attractive and nice.

Memory size:

Memory sizeIt has a micro SIM card for accessible memory and available in three sizes 8, 16 and 32 GB flash drive so here you fill have opportunity to buy the one which you need. Bluetooth connectivity is also possible.


Processors of iPhone A 1332Gyroscop is used to find out the position relative to the ground that is more important for applications of motions like games and other sensor based applications. Accelerometer, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor are the processing qualities of this iPhone.

Applications of iphone A332:

Applications of iphone A332It runs on IOS 4 and has an app of iMovie which is used to create titles, shift and subtitles the songs. Moreover, you can use it to tag your video clips to a site then go to that page and open this clip to watch so that others also avail this video to watch. iBooks app is also featured of this model.


CameraVideo calls are possible through iPhone A1332 because it has two cameras at the same time and you can use both if you need. One is at the front side and other one is at the back side. It has 5 megapixel still cam quality along with video facility.

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