iPhone 6 (Rumors) Versus Nexus 5

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iPhone 6 (Rumors) Versus Nexus 5

Rumors are floating around about iPhone 6 and still we don’t have exact info or picture, But we can expect what features are going to add. Here we’ll try to figure out which one has some good features.


When we talk about Camera, the iPhone 6 might lead Nexus 5. We’ve seen in iPhone 5S, and it is getting famous among the people, that shows Apple’s intention for their next device.

iPhone 6 (Rumors) Versus Nexus 5


Battery life isn’t exactly a strong suit of Nexus 5. It is fairly average, and it’ll last you up to 24-hours if you are careful. While Apple’s recent iPhone is more battery friendly than its forerunners, so there is a hope that same could happen with iPhone 6.

Processor & Performance

Nexus 5 is well optimized for Android Kitkat 4.4, and above all it packs a strong processor which is best for intensive tasks. It contains Qualcomm’s snapdragon (800) quad core krait chip 2.3GHz with 2GB RAM an Adreno 330 GPU.

iPhone 6 (Rumors) Versus Nexus 5

The position of iPhone 6 isn’t different from Nexus 5 in the aspect of Performance. It packs 64 bit processor and while we’ve no idea about Apple’s next generation that what it’ll be called. Apple looks pretty content producing some speedy devices. The newly launched iPhones are running smoothly and we didn’t find any issue regarding slowness.


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