iPhone 6 Might Come in August with Bigger Screen Size

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iPhone 6 designEverybody who has some instincts for tech must be waiting for the Apple’s next flag bearer, I mean iPhone 6. For many, it has become a nuisance as everyday they find different stories popping out around the web. Anyhow, Apple’s WWDC isn’t much far away that might tell us about the company’s next plan.

The Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will largely focus on the development of the software. So, it’s likely that we’ll see iOS 8 or Mac OS X 10.10, the new versions of Apple’s mobile and desktop operating system. But, it is said that though the event is about software enhancement, but there’re chances that Apple will whisper about its upcoming devices such as iPhone 6, Mac mini, MacBook Pro 2014 and iWatch.

The iPhone 6 is expected to come along with a bigger screen size – i.e. 4.7-inch or higher with Retina 2 display. What evokes Apple to feature a larger display in its next flagship smartphone? Simple, its competitors that have come up with larger screen display. So, Apple knows smaller display won’t get the attention.

Here’re the latest images that may or may not be iPhone 6 appeared on an Italian blog showing the comparison between the new and old versions of iPhone. According to the pics, the new iPhone approves the rumors that suggest a thinner and round edge contour.

Alleged iPhone 6

We don’t see Apple’s tradition of sticking with the same design in these photos instead larger and thinner profile looks fine with iPhone 6. The power button finds a place at the lateral edges of the phone. Volume buttons also have been redesigned making it more elegant.

There are some chances that Apple will unveil its iPhone 6 in August rather than September or October because its competitors have made their early announcements.

iPhone 6 mockup

Treat this post as a grain of salt as nothing as has been confirmed by the company so far. We’ll let know when Apple announces anything officially. So, stay tuned!


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