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Now you can see the best traits of iPhone 5 on your television this become possible because iPhone 5 features exposed in Brilliant and Discovery ads as the previous ads of iPad and iPhone. These commercials show new apps of the device like cooking and Passbook Startbucks apps along with other useable apps of MyScript Calculator and Hue lightening app. These features enhance the value of this phone and attract people to have this device for getting the easiest way to work through this Smartphone.

iPhone 5 Featurs via Briliant and DiscoveryThese advertisements create a thrill conditions in minds of apple lovers that what would be the features of this device which make it different to other launched devices which is the basic question that comes in every body’s mind before purchasing a Smartphone.


It is the thirty seconds spot which describes the app of storing pass codes and keep tickets to your lodge verification, cinema seat pass and other related information which has code to remember for being there.

Through this app you have no need to remind this information because it is always be with you in shape of soft copy and it gives reminders to you on the coming dates. Passbook app is especially launched for IOS 6 whereas the other is Startbucks used to take functions as the passbook.

MyScript calculator appAnother prominent feature of iPhone 5 is related to mathematical issues and now you can solve many questions by using this application on the device with MyScript calculator app. You can download this application from apple store without paying anything for it.

It works in a way to transfer your mathematical signs, numbers into the digital text by applying MyScript app. Home lighting web enabled system and Philips Hue are too available on apple store


iPhone-5Discovery is the second commercial of iPhone which includes features about its musical aspects and describes the functionality of purchasing apps from its store along with gaming and productivity apps.

In these apps another feature enhance its importance to detect the places wherever you are which is the Map app. 

With teh help of this app you can easily know scetch of that place where you want to go for party or to meet with your friends with save locations.

Like many other devices of apple iPhone 5 features exposed in Brilliant and Discovery ads with category of Brilliant and Discovery for divisions of its features.

These two ads via Brilliant and Discovery lighten the iPhone 5 featurs on the big channles. There are a large number of people are attrecting to this great pice by Apple Inc, and the ads have a part and parcle role in the sale of iPhone 5.

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