Hands-on iPhone Air – All You Need to Know About

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New iPhone Air design

Seeing its competitors announcing high-end devices, the Cupertino-based company is prepping something inventive inside the walls. To stay in the game, Apple really needs to come up with cutting-edge devices this year.  You may have watched several videos showing Apple’s next flagship smartphone that gets ambiguous with two names; iPhone 6 or iPhone Air. Which one is gonna lead Apple’s boat in the tidy ocean where only innovations matter?

We’ve seen Samsung with its next big thing, Galaxy S5 announced a few days back at MWC 2014. Samsung surprises the world with its early release of GS5, there might be something wise behind it. Now, the attention shits towards the Apple that may or may not surprise the world with its next big thing.

The rumors floating around suggest a large 4.7-inch touch display with less-bezel chassis. The 13MP 3D rear and 3.2MP face cameras are likely to be seen in Apple’s next flagship smartphone. One thing which might get the attention is its CPU, it’s likely that new phone will pack A8 Octa-core processor that could change the trends. The availability hasn’t been confirmed by the company as many are pretty sure for September or November release.

Here’s video demo of new iPhone from a designer Sam Beckett who believes it would be an ‘iPhone Air’. The concept really grabs the attention as it somehow makes the sense. Let’s get into what Sam is trying to show off.

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