Google Maps iPhone app gets better with the Contacts

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iPhone users who are fans of Google maps might be happy with the news of Google maps iPhone app update. Google has updated its maps app for iPhone recently and this might be a big turn for this app and the users who dedicatedly use this app to locate their favorite places to visit. Google maps is coming to some new places on earth and giving new experiences beyond the borders of North and South America and Europe.

Google Maps iPhone app gets better  contentsNow Google maps will be available in Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Google maps addition of services for these countries and iPhone apps to be more useful for the previous users’ base boundaries would make Apple more appreciated. 

iPhone Users will be enjoying now with extensive solutions as Google maps reached to more countries and users across the borders will be enjoying Google maps with more clear addresses. Users can choose to see the directions in miles or kilometers. Google Maps iPhone app has now come with another cool thing to make this app clearer and sufficient which is addition of icons of nearby places that might be considered by iPhone app users.

Google gives this solution to keep its users more engaged and get benefit most of it by utilizing Google maps solution on iPhone.

Benefit of icons of Places

An earlier version of Google Maps on the iPhoneiPhone app users will catch the information like address and contact numbers on the Google maps. Places like juice corners, tea stalls, bars, coffee shops, restaurants and fast foods will be the key retailers and businesses that will be benefited by this app.

Secondly, users will find new places to enjoy and hangout with friends and family by finding new places on the iPhone.

Most Amazing thing of Google Maps iPhone app update

google maps for iphone

Google contacts of users will be linked to Maps for iPhone which makes users able to search for an address, and finds the recommendation of the address of the contact, if it matches with one in Google contacts.

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