Galaxy S4 Launched But iPhone 5 is Best

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A competition raise between Samsung and Apple companies and to defeat the iPhone, Samsung introduced its latest Smartphone after Galaxy S3.

This latest device is the new model of S3 named Galaxy S4 and considered that it will defeat apple’s iPhone.  After few days, apple introduced some features in a page to explain after launched Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 is best.

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Galaxy S4 is now launched with many new features in which display quality and 13 MP camera, 2 GB memory space along with 2600 mAh functionality. I think this conversation could not stop ever, well let’s have a review about apple’s launched page.

Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5:

iPhon 5 is BestThe latest model of Samsung remain successful to attract people after introducing its latest model in shape of Galaxy S4 to beat the iPhone 5 but after launched Galaxy S4, iPhone still is best this is the message of apple corporation to its users to defend the model of iPhone.

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No doubt Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best devices, having sharp, fast and attractive features of 5 inches screen with strong display quality that per inch is 441 pixels and have 13 megapixel camera along with Smart look but iPhone is the best choice ever.

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4Only iPhone has best quality of display with retina feature among all other Mobile phones. Samsung made its new model’s body structure is same has the previous one made with plastic whereas iPhone has aluminum lightening body cover.

Battery life is much better than other devices while playing videos and games, having approximately eight hours of talk time with LTE and ultra fast wireless processors. Only iPhone has Siri functionality in it.

iPhone is lighter in weight of 112g, easy to carry in hand and sixteen percent lighter than the Galaxy model weight 130g.

iPhone can easily access to the apple store which has too much apps round about 800,000 apps are available there to download to make your device more powerful and elegant. One more thing is that iTunes can only access by the iPhone users not Galaxy S4 users.

iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4After launched Galaxy S4, iPhone still is best this conversation could not be stopped so you can say that iPhone and Samsung Galaxy both have different features to use and recently launched Galaxy S4 is better in different processing points and lead the iPhone for some time and take attention of technology lovers but at the end it goes far behind for apple because of iPhone’s all time favorite features which have capabilities to remain in minds to use the best device ever.

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