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The best thing about technology is that it has got something new to offer every day. Newer features in smart phones like iphones facilitate the user with more advancement making the life of the user easy and more organized. Rogers iphone is another revolution in the world of technology that has taken the world by storm. This technology offers the people to access internet using their mobile networks. It is no longer an issue to access the urgent emails and reply to them. You are accessible to your clients and customers 24/7 through rogers. However the only thing you will need to do is setup your email account. This you can easily do by reading the below tutorial that guides you how you can have the rogers technology on your iphone.

Rogersiphone Enables To Setting


The following steps will give you a detailed insight on the rogers iphone.

Instruction Step 1:The settings application has to be opened on your iphone.

Instruction Step 2:Scrolling has to be done and you have to search out mails, contact and calendar and then tapping has to be done.

Instruction Step 3: Tapping has to be done on the option “Add Account”. You will find a detail related to services that facilitate email like Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and Gmail. An option by the name of others will also be visible to you; you have to tap on that.

Instruction Step 4: You should visit the “Add Email Account” option. Details related to rogers should be entered and then tapping should be done on the next option that is located on the right corner at the top.

Instruction Step 5: You are done with creating your email account. However, an error message shall be displayed and you will have to fix that up. Now you need to visit the option “Mail, Contacts and Calendars for the second time.

Instruction Step 6: The account you have added will be visible to you. Tapping should be done on that. An option by the name of mail server box will be visible to you. You have to visit the Host name option and delete only the host name.

Instruction Step 7: Enter pop.broadband.rogers.com in the host name field.

Instruction Step 8: Delete all the existing information from the SMTP Server field and enter smtp.broadband.rogers.com.

Instruction Step 9: Now you can exit the application, rogers is now installed on your iphone. You should reload your email application to check for any possible issues.

Follow the above tutorial and you can enjoy the features of your rogers iphone. You will definitely not miss out on anything significant. Your iphone will fully facilitate your business and personal appointments and you can easily stay in touch with everyone.  If you do encounter any issues in the installation of rogers you can even take assistance from their online website. Therefore you should not waste any time read this tutorial and install rogers on your iphone and enjoy the features.

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