Easy Fixing Guide Of iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor

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proximity sensoriPhone 4 Proximity sensor works to detect the distance between you and your device. This sensor activates its process at some distance when you hold device up to your face for hearing or making call and automatically work to turn off the display. This protects you from upcoming hurdles during your phone call like automatically turning on the speakerphone or sometime by touching the skin to display become cause to end of the call.

This happens because an iPhone has very strong touch sensors to work properly by touching system. Here, proximity sensor helps you to make tension free calls and when you pull down your device from face the display screen will turn on to perform its functions.

Many iPhone 4 users complain that proximity sensor is not working and they face many problems because of it. There can be different reasons behind this trouble it may be happening due to the newly installed screen which may resolve with its resetting or reinstalling. Here, you have to be clear about the real fact at the back of this sensor problem.

iPhone 4 proximity sensorGuidelines to Fix Proximity Sensor:

Here are some guidelines to resolve the iPhone 4 proximity sensor issue among the people who have this model. Although it becomes a big issue and many users complain that they have the same problem until they applied many techniques for that. Hopefully these guidelines will help you solve this trouble in a good way.

  • At first you have to search out the main reason to improper work of sensor. There can be many reasons for which it is not working properly. Once you detect the reason you can easy trap this and solve this issue.
  • It has been seen for many times that screen installation process becomes its major cause. In case of having this just resets it and installs it again.
  • If it remains same, then restore your iPhone’s applications; hope so it will work well in new settings after restore all applications which will also rearrange the sensor too. You can do this by going to settings then press the key to general, then reset and tap reset all settings. After doing this restarts your iPhone to see the result.
  • Another strange way to fix this issue is the use of black marker. Color the backside of the Lens to remain it dark forever that it cannot activate through light.
  • You can also putelectrical blacktape, cut it in pieces and place in front of proximity sensor to make it dark. All this happens when there is no gap between sensors or the foam become damage due to some reason then you can apply this procedure to fix iPhone 4 proximity sensor.

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