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Apple created video calling software by the name of facetime. This video calling software consists of a front and rear camera. These cameras allow seamless video calls between apple devices. The technology has become quite advanced these days and now you can have your own facetime iphone. The best part is that it is quite easy to activate facetime and there are multiple methods to get the job done.

Facetimeiphone giving a new magic


  • Facetime should be turned on your iphone4. You have to tap the Setting applications on your home screen. You have to scroll down the phone and tap it. The Facetime slider has to be moved to on.
  • If you want to conduct a Facetime call you have to be connected to Wi-Fi Connection.
  •  The most important requirement is that if you are making a Facetime call the other user should also have Facetime on his iphone 4s and he should be connected to a Wi-Fi network.


There are different methods  to Facetime someone through facetimeiphone.

  • You can invite the person to a facetime call when you are already in a call with the contact by tapping the Facetime icon. Secondly you can even Facetime someone immediately after a normal call connection by tapping the Facetime icon. Successful tapping is indicated by the lighting up of the Facetime icon.
  • The other option is that you can look into the address book of your iphone. Then you can search the contact with whom you want to have a Facetime call. After you have chosen the contact ,you have to tap on him and then you have to tap on the Facetime button in their page in your address book.
  • The Facetime call will be more or less like a normal call. The only difference would be that the minute the call connects your camera will be turned on and you will be able to see yourself. However, there is a catch and that is the person you are calling has the option to accept or deny the call. This he can do by tapping the onscreen button. If the person accepts your camera your images would be transferred to each other and images of both the parties will be available on the screen for viewing. If you want to end a Facetime call you will simply have to tap the end button.
  • You can even use the iphone 4s voice assistant for Facetime call initiation. You have to indicate the contact name to your voice assistant. However, this method may work sometime and sometime it may not work.
  • Times are progressing at a fast pace and one should move with the time. Therefore, it is time for you to choose facetime iphone and have a conversation with your friends and family in a more realistic manner. The above mentioned methods have already simplified the usage of facetime on your iphone. Now your conversations can be more interactive and you can get a glimpse of every expression on the face of the other party.

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