Current iPhone iOS Upgrading with Wi-Fi and iTune

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Current iPhone IOS as it shows by name thatnew iPhone with its new IOS version 6. As every iPhone user of iPhone demands the latest version to upgrade his device to enhance its capacity to store things and to reach the untouchable things.

current iPhone IOS updates

Yes of course, you can do many things with applying the current version of IOS on your phone and can access better functioning as well. Especially the last edition of IOS is made for iPhone 5, but the best thing is that you can upgrade many other devices other than iPhone 5. IPhone 3 GS, iPad models of second generation and iPod touch of fourth generation with other latest models can get access to it.

IOS 6 has multiple new features, which operate your device functionally. As it has Siri function to hear your commands verbally with iCloud opportunity to store many of your precious things for future use. Moreover, it boosts the speed to work fast and to load web pages immediately. Also you can save your pass codes in passbook application which reminds you when you want to offer it to do that.

If we talk about how you can upgrade its current version on your device, then two procedures are here to help you in this way. One is a fast iTunes method of using computer or the other is without using computer, which is Wi-Fi method of over the air. But both have different procedures to upgrade and you have required some things for that.

Instructions to upgrade current iPhone IOS:

If you are searching for methods to upgrade the current iPhone IOS, then as you must read in previous paragraphsthat there are two methods to do this, Before applying these methods, first make a backup of whole files to save these for next. This is suggested you because sometimes restarting after upgrading can become cause to damage the files for which you will suffer. So protect you from tension by doing this.

Steps to upgradeusing Over the Air:

  • For this you need to have a strong Wi-Fi wireless connection to connect your device and battery should be fully charged.  Put your device on socket to avoid battery issues.
  • Go to updates setting and search current IOS version in general setting.
  • Press the download button to install it and wait.
  • After upgrading, your device will restart.

Steps to upgrade using iTunes:

It is a way to upgrade by using computer, but install iTunes first. And attach device through USB then follow these instructions.

  • After connecting your iPhone, first search the current version of iTunes to run this setup fast.
  • Tap updates button to check
  • Where you will see the current versions of IOS
  • Once you find current iPhone IOSthen press download and update key
  • Do not put device away from computer until it will restart properly.


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