How to Conduct iPhone 4 Facetime with Ipod Touch

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Technology has become immensely advanced today. Gone are the days when people used to send letters to each other to communicate. Communication is no longer a barrier. The only things you need are the latest mobile phones or ios devices. The second thing is that you should have awareness to deal with these technological tools with expertise because you certainly do not want to end up messing up the working of your devices..

Iphone 4 Facetime and Ipod Touch call

With a little skill you can easily accomplish your tasks in simply no time. You do not even need your laptop to communicate on Skype because you readily have facetime available to get the job done. Now you can easily plan iphone4 facetime with iPod. You would not be restricted if your friend has an iPod. You can have smooth video call and can enjoy a conversation with your friend. With the help of this tutorial facetime connection between iPhone4 and iPod touch will become very simple to understand.


1. You will require an iphone 4.

2. Ipod touch will also be needed.


The following points will guide you how you manage iphone4 facetimewith iPod touch

  1. First a call has to be generated between iphone 4 and iPod touch through an email address because iphone 4 uses mobile numbers to conduct facetime whereas iPod touch uses email addresses to conduct a facetime call.
  2. You need to go to your iphone 4 contacts and click edit and enter the email address of the person you intend to call.
  3. Then you should click facetime icon in your iphone4. A message will pop up and it will ask whether you want to make a facetime call to a mobile. You should enter email address.
  4. Now when the call has been received from the iphone4 to the iPod touch. The user can save the mobile number of the caller on his iPod.

iPhone 4 facetime with iPodtouch has been explained to you in depth above. However, you should not misuse technology. The prime purpose of these tutorials is to spread knowledge so that it becomes easier for you to manage things.

Apart from this if you still have any issues connecting a facetime call internet is  a large pool of resources and you can easily find what you require in seconds. The best way to take advantage from these tutorials is to read them again and again and then start your practical implementation.

This way you would not make any mistake in getting the job done with perfection and in a seamless mode. The other vital thing is that the person to whom you are making the video call should also have adequate technological understanding to manage everything skillfully and without making any mistakes. The two people who need to communicate should have the same level of awareness only then communication will become a fun task and that too with your video on. Therefore promote a positive approach and that too with a result oriented approach.

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