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iPhone 6 conceptWith the every passing time, the rumor mill for Apple iPhone 6 is getting more momentum. Really, it’s going be critical for the Cupertino-based company. We’ve seen one of the cutting-edge smartphones from its competitors like Samsung, Sony and HTC. So, Apple needs to fill every gap that could be risky. Like, if Apple comes with less Megapixel counts on the camera, smaller display and dull design, then it would be difficult for the company to stay in the game. Let’s find what the rumors say about the Apple’s next big thing.

We have been hearing different rumors and reports that suggest a thinner and sleek body for the Apple iPhone 6. We have also seen lots of iPhone 6 mockups talking about the slimmer contour. So, all this hype makes us believe that Apple will bring a slimmer and sleek design breaking up all of its traditions that stop it being inventive. It’s likely that iPhone 6 will pack a 4.7-inch display as it is the most believable size that we could expect from the company.

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In terms of processor, Apple has been successful brining some powerful phones to its fans. Anyhow, the addition of A8 Chip is being discussed around the tech society. It is expected iPhone 6 will operate iOS 8, which might be announced at Apple’s annual WWDC event on June 2.

One thing which we can say 100% about the iPhone 6 is its new Healthbook app. It is all-in-one medical center that tracks your blood pressure, sugar level, respiratory level, sleep, steps, heart rate and a lot more. Definitely, the app won’t work itself. For this, Apple will have to announce another device. For many it would be the long-awaited iWatch that could debut along with iPhone 6.

We are still a few months away from the iPhone 6 release, we’ll let you know when anything goes official from the company. Stay tuned!


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