Apple iPhone 6 Is Reportedly To Be Coming On Sept. 9

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iPhone 6 is about to come in September 2014

It really has become a headache for many listening everyday another story regarding Apple iPhone 6. And this isn’t going to be ending until Apple makes the final call. Anyhow, another report popped at very veritable site Apple Insider, suggesting September 9 is the date when Apple will be unfolding its plans for 2014.

There’re also some reports around the tech society saying there’re two models; one with 4.7-inch while other with 5.5-icnh. Spec wise, both of them will be having similar features. The phablet version of the next-generation smartphone is supposed to be having some delay issues, so there’re some chances to see it releasing in 2015.

This time Apple will really have to come up with unique ideas breaking up all typical traditions of sticking with the same ordinary design. One thing common that observed in all rumors is the slim and larger profile. We’ve seen Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG coming with the devices with large displays. So, we could expect something new and big from Apple this time.

It would be really interesting to see what Apple brings in to compete with its competitors. Anyhow, we’ll keep you posted with the things that come out from the official resources.

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