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Apple iPhone 6..With the moving time, we’re getting closer to the Apple iPhone 6. Everyday we hear different stories regarding Apple’s next iPhone. It was expected that Apple might launch its flagship device earlier than usual. But, it didn’t happen so instead we don’t see it coming before September or October. Seeing Apple’s competitors like Samsung, HTC and Sony, we may expect something inventive from the company as sticking with the traditions won’t work for the Apple.

According to the latest reports and rumors, it’s likely that Apple will sidestep all of its traditions and iPhone 6 would be the biggest contribution that company has ever produced. But, too much delay leaves Apple fans into a kind of frustration as other manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and Sony all have introduced their flagship devices.

Let’s have a peek at what iPhone 6 is going to have


It is expected that Apple’s newbie might hold a large display of 5-inch or higher. According to the leaked images, it seems turning out to be true but we can’t say anything for sure until it gets released officially.


Performance wise, Apple has always been good bringing powerful processors. And now, it is said that iPhone 6 could pack an Octa-core A8 processor.


Camera has become one of the most striking features in the smartphones nowadays. So, It would be better for Apple to come with a 13MP or higher rear camera. There are some reports floating around suggest the presence of 3.2MP face HD and 13MP 3D rear cameras in iPhone 6.

Wireless Charging

Seeing different rumors on the web, It is supposed that Apple will bring a wireless charging technology to its next iPhone. It could really do the work for the company if it gets true.

Take this post as a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed from the company officially. We’ll let you know when Apple comes with any official announcement regarding iPhone 6.


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