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There a vast variety of custom iphone cases available in the market. If you design your own personalized iphone case you would get a sense of satisfaction. Your creation will depict intelligence and talent both. Secondly everything available in the market is extremely expensive, but yet you simply want the best iphone case. The solution lies in using your own hand. You need a bit of technological knowledge as well.

Custom iPhone cases with intelligence


  • You need to have a shop on Cafepress.
  • Photoshop


The following steps will provide greatknowledgefor designing your custom iphone cases.

  1. Download an iphone template through Cafepress.
  2. Open your iphone template in Photoshop. If you see the green lines they are there to guide you so that you can create your design with ease. You should leave the background as it is.
  3. Another layer should be added above the background and it should be painted black.
  4. Now you should copy the background and it should be moved above the black layer. The opacity has to be 50%. The background layer has to be above all the other layers in order to see the borders or outline.
  5. Download the free Photoshop brushes.
  6. You can either use the “load brushes “option or “replace brushes “option to keep the brushes window.
  7. The next step is to add a new layer. This layer has to be placed below the one that has opacity of 50%. The damask brush should be placed in the center.
  8. Another layer should be added and another damask brush should be placed above the previous one. It is better to add elements on individual layers because making separate layers makes it easier to move the layers around independently.
  9. Now add text on a new layer. New layers are created automatically in the latest version of Photoshop.
  10. Now the 50% opacity layer can be deleted.
  11. You can save the jpg file for the custom iphone design and it should be of maximum quality.


  1. Internet is a rich resource. You can find ample guides related to Photoshop. You can study the one that add value to your work.
  2. Similarly you can find adequate knowledge on Cafepress as well. The best part is that you can register for free and find a vast variety of templates for your iphone.
  3. Designing your own custom iphone cases can be a fun activity. You will learn a lot more. However you need to have knowledge related to Photoshop so that you do not face any issues while creating your design. Once you get a knowhow about the basic designs for iphone, you can then try your hand with the more complicated ones to challenge your skills. The above design gives a more sober look and would do great in a professional environment. You can even opt for funky designs. The best part about funky designs is that you can do a lot of experimentation with them as per your desire.

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