8 Tricks to Start New iPhone

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Have you bought an iPhone and searching best ways to use it more effective and for long time. Then you can view this whole article by scrolling down curser of your mouse. Here you will find 8 Tricks to Start New iPhone.

Either you have iPhone 4, 4S or 5, it will help you with any of your iDevice.  iPhone is a best choice to make calls, to check emails and to do messages along with extra functioning which makes it different to other devices. Once you will go through these whole tips then you will become able to save its battery life or to use it in proper way. Let’s have a review of all tricks.

LTELTE consumes too much energy so you have to learn to turn it in off mode that will be by going to its setting option and open general folder where you will see cellular, just tap its option on to off. When you want to turn its mode on then just follow the same procedure and tap here to on it.

screen directionTo lock its screen direction just click the home button twice and take it to the right side after that a green display will appear along with a gray circle shaped button just click it at once and lock option will there on your screen.

downloading automatic appsAmong Top 8 valuable tricks to set up your iPhone, one is downloading automatic apps for your iPhone to make it more worthy. It will give you two options at a time to store apps and music. Simply select the option of store by going to setting page and tap automatic download.

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alphanumeric lock on iphoneMoreover, to make your iPhone more protective you can make alphanumeric lock by opening settings and click general option and choose option to passcode lock. Here you have to turn off your phone’s simple passcode then you can enter alphanumeric code.

notes on iphoneAre you exhausted to view the same font sized notes then just change its type by visiting setting and go to the option of notes, where you will have three options to choose.

change iPhone nameYou can also change your iPhone’s original name to other name go to setting and select about option from general, just type that name which you want to in the space where you see the previous name.

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sounds settingsPut your phone into vibration mode which will keep you aware about persons calling you, messaging or mailing you without ring tone just iPhone will vibrate just tap option of vibration in sounds settings.

Spotlight in iphoneOther all these ways, one of the best in Top 8 valuable tricks to start up your iPhone is Spotlight which allows you to search your required index from your iPhone. Change its setting from spotlight by viewing setting page.

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