$22k Isn’t Enough for iPhone 24k Gold Edition

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iPhone 24k gold edition is one of the best and stunning device made by Apple with Gold and Co. this device is surprisingly made by the gold which is the favorite one choice of ladies.

22k $ isn’t enoughIf you will review its picture then you will too find it the amazing and fabulous device plated with gold. It is more dashing when you hold in your hand. It is the model of iPhone 5 which is plated of gold to give it extra catching look.

It is expensive device and you can get the idea from its gold material used in manufacturing which make it far for range to buy for normal persons. Persons having no issue with money definitely prefer to choose this device but the drawback is just its heavy weight because of its gold of 24k.

iphone 24kIt has 64 GB storage memory and you can utilize it by storing your prestigious data to get over the tension to shortage memory space in your device. It has different memory size models like available in 16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB the choice is yours.

It is also have its own versions like iPhone 4 or 4 S with gold outlook. This is the edition model copy of iPhone 5 and users can use it as same as iPhone 5 with extra functioning and web browsing quality to make strong connections to internet Wi-Fi. It has high resolution quality of camera along with video facility.

iphone goldIt is a luxurious device for luxurious people and feels more comfortable having this in their hand. It edition of iPhone 5 comes with fast processing speed to work well and to perform commands that you have not to weight for your given ones.

iPhone 24 k gold edition is available in market with price of 4700 $, this price is its gold made structure which differentiate it to others. It is present in two colors the first one is the gold and black, another one is gold and silver both have different but dazzling look.

iphone gold editionIt’s another specialty is its way to present in front of viewers is its wooden box having a great look and individually packed in single box. Its manufacturing rate is too low than other devices because some gorgeous want to buy that’s why not casually seen in market.

If you are interested to get the piece for you then you have to enjoy the trip to Dubai or UK, in case of its not possible for you then you can place your order to them. You can also contact to apple store for its purchase.

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