Tumblr iOS 3.3 version released for iPad and iPhone Users

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Tumblr is a Blogger, WordPress and Hubpages competitor. It is a blogging platform written and prounce as Tumblr. Tumblr is owned and being operated by Tumblr, Inc. Tumblr  works similar to other blogging platforms.

Tumblr is a free blogging platform which adds tumblr.com and makes your blog URL on its sub domain.  Just like wordpress.com and blogger.com. Bloggers who use Tumblr can post content whatever they want to post and share with their readers and subscribers.  Post content includes multimedia, pictures, text and other stats and information.Readers can follow other  Tumblr blog. Tumblr’s main control area is dashboard where admin or owner of the blog operates the blog, control the blog features to utilize Tumblr platform for his blogging.


Tumblr and iOS

Tumblr recently released updated version of iOS app for iPad and iPhone users. There is a large number of people and users of Tumblr  who use Tumblr  on smart phones and tablets. According to wikipedia, Tumblr has crossed 96 million figure in the blogs.


One of the reason of Tumblr’ success is availability of iOS apps for iPad and iPhone users. There has been a rapid growth in the in the past two years in the usage of Tumblr. Tumblr identified the market requirement and timely made its app for iOS users.


iPad and iPhone users worldwide use these Apple products and Tumblr makes it easy for them to do blogging on Tumblr through iPhone and iPad.

Identifying and responding to the need of the market is a sensible strategy. Now every social media company, web utility and blogging site adding iOS apps to engage more and more people towards their websites. Mobile operating systems like iOS of Apple and Android of Google are main stream mobile OS in the world. Tumblr iOS 3.3 version would help Tumblr in making more identity and awareness of Tumblr blogging platform to more users world. New iOS users can be attracted to see Tumblr platform supporting iOS.

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