Transfigure iPad 802.11n to 802.11G to Boost the Speed

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If you are facing problems because of low connections of your Wi-Fi then do not worried more just change the version of your connection 802.11g to ipad 802.11n.

iPad 802.11nThis is the latest version of wireless and more strong than g. wireless G can give the coverage to your device like indoor range is two hundred thirty feet and outdoor is about eight hundred twenty feet.

This is estimated range well you will find it better if you take decision to use for good and strong Wi-Fi connection. It is the best version to transfer data to stream things on your iPad than 802.11g.

iPad 802.11n to 802.11gSo you have decided to convert your previous version to iPad 802.11n it’s good to hear. No doubt it is better in increasing your iPad’s processing speed and you become able to transfer your precious data to other in seconds because of its fast speed.

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Now you want to change your router version then just follow the way to make it possible. It is little complicated but understandable and you can easily do that after reading the points.

802.11nAssure yourself about the type of your router either it has capacity to bore the new version or not. New router can deal with both versions G and N wireless connections. If yes then go to the next point

Take a manual in your hand to watch the given instruction in it to convert it to N because every modem has different features so the method can also be different according to its IOS version.

When you become aware about the instructions to change this connection then take your IPad and disable it to the previous network connection by going to its setting. If you have any other device then see the instruction from manual to operate it.

802.11g to Boost the SpeedUnplug your prior wireless router and detach all plug cables to it.Attach the new connection cables into the router to make new connections with 802.11n for extra processing speed.

Then you need to attach the modem cables into the router for Wireless internet to your iPad.

Once you do that then setup your deviceby following the guidelines provided in manual to install the new version’s updates on its desktop to make it able to detect the link of 802.11n.

Then you will able to use fast Wi-Fi connections to stream videos, movies and other programs without having any problem of network connectivity.

iPad 802.11n Wi-Fi setup boost up to 40 MHz which is standard at 20 MHz which delivers your data to others at 100Mbits per second which is too fast. 

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