Top 3 Cloud Music Apps for iPad and iPhone Users

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Most of the people love music. Some of them only like to listen music while driving, during gym or on the jogging track. Music Streaming or Online Cloud Music companies provide unique music listening facility to the listeners. Some cloud music streaming services are free and some are paid subscriptions. The best thing about such Cloud Streaming sites is, you dont need to have storage and space in your iPhone or iPad device to download and store the music. You access directly from the cloud service, which is basically the idea behind cloud music streaming.


Rdio is a well known cloud streaming website. Rdio is considered best alternative to Spotify. Rdio has many similar features to Spotify. Rdio is available on iOS devices. Users use Rdio on iPad and iPhone devices.


If someone is finding the best alternative to Spotify then Rdio stands first in the row to bring almost the same quality service and similar features for the users. Rdio offers trial service as well. Utilize the free trial period option before buying the subscription of Rdio.



Spotify is considered to cloud streaming in US and Europe. Spotify is one of the most popular cloud music streaming services which provides users unlimited access to the data and streaming with out limits. Resources like audio tracks, artists, genres, albums and playlists can be access through iPhones and iPads.


Spotify is not free to use. The best thing about Spotify is, you dont have to pay and download for each song download or you dont have to buy CDs of your favorite music albums, just get Spotify subscription and enjoy access to unlimited music and entertainment.

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Songza is an alternative cloud streaming platform to many top cloud streaming services. Songza is a free service and considered online radio and cloud service. Songza offers a wide range of playlists or channels to listen through web or iPhone app.


Songza observes your be behavior by your liking and disliking to different songs and then gives you songs recommendation according to your taste or closer to your choice. It is one of the best features in its music entertainment services.

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