5 Best iPad Jailbreak Apps & Features

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If you successfully jailbreak your ipad and explore cydia on your iPad then you can download best iPad jailbreak apps on it. These applications work fast and enhance the worth of your device. Cydia applications are only able to run on those devices that complete its jailbreak process, without which you cannot apply these apps. If you have iPad without jailbreak then first see the procedure to jailbreak it for using cydia applications on it. Many best applications for iPad are available on internet to download free for your device after jailbroken.

Some best iPad jailbreak apps are discussed below to give you information about the advantages of jailbreaking your device and what type of applications you can use after that.

SBS Setting

SBS-SettingSBS setting is one of the best applications of iPad where you can select the themes and tones of your choice and it is a quick access to toggles. You can delete the memory used in processing; also arrange the setting of memory along with another option to add toggles.

Activator App

Activator AppActivator is one of the best applications of cydia for iPad to set different gestures for different actions for example you can set the messaging opening folder with double clicking it. Whenever you double click it, it will open in front of you.Through cydia application of Full screen for iPad can use for multitasking purpose that you can select anyone of then by taping two time there on web page and it will show you at full screen and after completion your task just double click there and you will exit from the full screen option.

Infinifolders Storage Apps

Infinifolders Storage Apps

Usually apple permits to save maximum twenty applications in folder whereas more than twenty can be save in one folder by applying the iPad’s application of Folder Enhancer and Infinifolders. Through which you can store many applications at one place just like the Window system. As you want to save songs then you have to make just one folder for it, in which you can make many others to store by giving sub categories.

IntelliScreenX App

IntelliScreenX AppThrough notification enhancement setting you can choose tone notifications for you on your iPad by using IntelliScreenX application, you can adjust your favorite tones for these notifications like facebook, twitter etc.


CustomizationCustomization your iPad is another big opportunity given by cydia is that you can change your iPad’s setting according to your own wish that how you want to see your device. Icons, tool bars and themes are also changeable via this application.Applications icons can be larger or shrink by downloading this app on your iPad. When you have desire to see the background picture of your iPad then you should use this app and shrink the icon and you can easily view the picture behind these icons.

By applying these best iPad jailbreak apps you can enhance the value of your iPad and also you will enjoy working with these fast and useful applications.

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