4 Mild Ways of iPad Evasion Jailbreak 6.1

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Evasion is the tool developed for jailbreak purposes of those apple devices supported 6.1 IOS version. You cannot use evasion tool with IOS 5 whereas you need to upgrade your device if you are interested to jailbreak it. Evasion jailbreak 6.1 for iPad is as simple as for iPhone 5. It is just a similar method and by using this method you can jailbreak many other apple devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and 4 S, iPhone 3 GS and iPod and iPad. You need a computer for this with having XP system or Mac OX S and Linux can also be used to download evasion version. Once you fulfill the requirement to use this tool then it becomes very easy to jailbreak by following the directions given about it.

Evasion jailbreak 6.1 to jailbreak an iPad is an easy tool to use once you will read the directions about its usage. These are here just read and go ahead to jailbreak your iPad.

ipad-data5First make a backup of your device to save the documents require for future use and can create problems if you will lose these. USB and iTunes method can use to copy these files onto your desktop device that if you lose your data then you can restore it on your iPad without facing any problem.


Remove all pass codes and locks from your device to make it more easy and clear.

  • Do not try to use your device for other tasks at the time of jailbreak. It will take just about five to 8 minutes and your device will be free to follow any rules made by the developers of apple.
  • Battery should be fully charge and internet connections should be strong to make download easy. Then download the evasion version on your computer after making a new folder with the name of Pwnage. You have to safe this tool here and after that distract it to see its original file.

104858Once you do all that then click the icon of evasion to continue the task. Then you will see many options here after clicking the right button and select the option of run as administrator to keep it continue.

  • Connect your iPad with computer by using a USB cable. Plug its one side to the iPad and the other side into the computer then you will receive the connecting message on to the computer and click the jailbreak icon to end this procedure.

force-reboot-ipadIt will take few minutes to complete and wait until you do not receive the finish sign. Once it finish its process and evasion jailbreak 6.1 successfully remove all restrictions from iPad then it will reboot and start again with the new application Cydia and your iPad will refresh to process functions.

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