Want To Know How Can One Edit Photos In iOS 7?

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Want To Know How Can One Edit Photos In iOS 7?

Both iPad and iPhone are turning into the excellent point & shoot camera killers, Apple has kept working on improved camera modules for its iOS users, but you’re going to do with those pics that you took on your iPad or iPhone? Perhaps, you’ll transfer them to your PC where you can easily edit them with your desired photo editor. What would be your reactions when you come to know that you can edit photos in iOS 7 devices?

If you aren’t happy with how your photo turned out, you may either go for another one, or edit the photo you have already. If you want to edit any photo on iOS 7, open Photos App > choose your photo which you want to edit > tap the Edit button that is located on the top right corner.

Want To Know How Can One Edit Photos In iOS 7?

You can do some basic edits with the Photos app such as enabling auto-enhance, rotating a photo, adding filters, cropping and get of red eye. If you are curious about auto-enhance feature, it adjusts color and exposure of your photo to make it more elegant, it’s really pretty cool and requires only one tap.

Want To Know How Can One Edit Photos In iOS 7?

If you edit with iPhoto, it is no more different from Photo app, but it takes some features into a whole new concept. There’s a new feature ‘’Brushes’’ that let you perform edits in particular areas of photos by simply brushing with your finger. You can add white and black filters to your photos and also control the contrast that a filter applies.


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