Want to see iOS 6 icons on iOS 7?

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iOS 6 icons on iOS 7

It’s not necessary that everyone should appreciate iOS 7, there must be some who want to revert to the iOS 6 as they were used to its icons’ style and this new iOS 7 isn’t that well. But, you also want to move with latest iOS 7, this nuisance is no longer tease you as we’ll bring you fix this issue. Let me tell you one thing about it as it’s not going to be handy unless you’ve jealbroken your iOS 7 device.

old icons on latest version

Thanks to WinterBoard who contributed nicely bringing you back to the iOS 6 icons. The above-described theme got a name from developers that is labeled as ‘’iOS 6 icons for iOS 7 theme’’. This theme can be accessed with the conjunction of WinterBoard.

iOS 6 theme for iOS 7

Once you have got WinterBoard from Cydia, an option under the label of ‘’iOS 6 icons for iOS 7’’ will appear in Settings > Choose Themes > Pick iOS 6 Theme and select between the Fahrenheit or Celsius weather app icons. To revert to the iOS 6 icons > hit WinterBoard located at the upper left side of the corner > Tap Respring for completion.

If you want to get back to the iOS 7 icons, then process is simple, all that you need to do is to repeat the process using WinterBoard settings and then deactivate iOS 6 Theme.

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