How To Undo/Redo Text on iPhone or iPad

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Know How You Can Undo or Redo Text on iPhone

Some of you may find it ridiculous as it isn’t that complicated to be discussed. But, it is a fact that there are some folks who really don’t know how they can redo or undo text on iPhone while typing messages or mails.

If you are among those who really want to know how it’s done, then no fuss as we’ll let you know how you can make changes to the texts on iPhone or iPad in a simple guide. There isn’t any complicated work is going to be involved instead you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

Here’s how you can Undo/Redo text

  • For iPhone Users

Redo text on iPhone

The method isn’t same for iPhone and iPad. Now, we’ll cover iPhone first. If you’ve deleted, copied or typed any text and want to redo the action you just have made, then shake your iPhone that in turn will induce a popup giving you Undo typing and Cancel options.

  • For iPad Users

how to undo on iPadIf you think the procedure would be no more different from iPhone, then you are wrong. There’s no any kind of shaking involved while undoing text on iPad. There’s a special dedicated button for redoing on iPad keyboard. Just need to hit on the 123 key, and there you’ll find undo button.

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