Tips to Improve Your iPhone Battery Life

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Tips to improve iPhone battery life

How does it feel when your phone becomes unresponsive due to a low battery life and you had to make an important call? Obviously, nobody would like to have such a bad experience. Here we explain who you can improve your iPhone battery life just following our simple tips.

Reduce Brightness

Reduce Brightness

It’s one of the main reasons that sucks the large portion of your phone’s battery. Most users don’t even think about it and keep on complaining about poor battery performance. You only need to go to the Control Center or Settings > there you’ll find Wallpapers & Brightness > Disable Auto-Brightness or you can decrease it manually as per your will.

Background App Refresh

Disable Background App Refresh

If you’re newly migrated to iOS 7, there must be a battery-draining issue with you as its new features dubbed Background App Refresh causing battery loss. It keeps the different apps alive running at the backend of your phone. To get rid of it, go to the Settings > Tap General > Disable Background App Refresh.


Turn 'Reduce Motion' to On

From the launch of iOS 7, users have been complaining about this new feature as it causing headache for many. Apart from headache, it also becomes a cause of sucking battery. So, there shouldn’t be an excuse of turning it off. To disable, go to the Settings > Tap General > Accessibility and then Turn Reduce Motion to On.

Turn Off Location-Tracking Apps

Disable Location Services

There’re some apps like Twitter, iOS Camera and Google Maps, which continuously tracks your location without even make you feel. That also eats up your battery, so the best thing is you should get rid of it. Visit Settings > Privacy > and then Location Services, turn it off completely or you can disable select apps manually.


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