Tips to Boost iPhone Battery Life

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Tips to boost iPhone battery lifeHow does it feel when your handset leaves you in the mid of an important call? Obviously, it always hurts. You may find lots of tips claiming to boost the iPhone battery life on the web. Not sure, all of them will be working. Here, we bring you some easy tips that might be helpful boosting your iPhone battery life. One thing important, these tips will be more effective on iOS 7 than the older versions.

Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

Apple brought lots of new features with iOS 7, and Dynamic Backgrounds is one of them making the home screen more attractive. For many, it causes nothing but a headache. If at all you aren’t interested in it, then simply turn it off as it also eats up some part of your iPhone battery. Staying with static backgrounds isn’t gonna harm anyone.

Turn off the Bluetooth

Many users forget turning the Bluetooth off after transferring or receiving data from other handsets. It also sinks battery. Just simply keep your Bluetooth Off in order to avoid battery consumption. To turn it off, go to the settings > Bluetooth > Tap it to off.

Turn ‘Reduce Motion’ On

It is one of the new features of iOS 7 that disturbed many users at the start. It makes many folks feel like dizzying. It could be cool for many, but I haven’t seen a person praising this feature so far. Personally, I suggest you to turn it off for being normal. To disable this feature, you need to go to the Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and then turn it On.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Why to waste battery life by keeping the screen brightness intense? It’s no longer help you instead causes low eye sight too. So, don’t let spare things take your battery juice. Simply, go to the settings and there you will find ‘Brightness & Wallpapers’.


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