Some Cool Methods To Improve Battery Life In iOS

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Some Cool Methods To Improve Battery Life In iOSIts time to know something about your device’s battery life as you spend most of your time in using these devices. Everyone wants longer battery timing that he/she can use their IOS devices for long span of time. Here are some 5 cool Methods to improve battery life in iOS device.

Change the brightness settings to save battery life

Some Cool Methods To Improve Battery Life In iOSEveryone seems to save his/her battery life for this, different kind of policies have been adopted. It is one of the best ways to change the brightness settings of your iPhone as high brightness catches the strong energy so keep it low as you can easily use it.

Analyze your usage statistics that what does your battery need

Some Cool Methods To Improve Battery Life In iOSIt depends upon you that what kind of tasks you perform on your iPhone and according to them what kind of strategies you should make to save the battery life your iPhone. Here is some instructions for you that how you can check your battery life statistics. Go for your app setting, then hit general  button. Next click on the usage area, and then scroll down to the battery life of usage. Toggle the percentage of the battery ON, then you can observe your battery working.

Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE when you are not using

Some Cool Methods To Improve Battery Life In iOSIt is one of the best cool methods that how can you save your battery life. You should be careful in using your iPhone that you do not let other functions ON like LTE, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Many people forget to remove these functions and your  battery takes the disadvantage of your ignorance. Always check your iPhone and make sure that nothing is working aimlessly.

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