Set New Dynamic Wallpapers using iOS 7

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enjoy Dynamic wallpapers on iOS 7

Among new features of iOS 7, the dynamic wallpaper attracts many which is unfortunately confined to one wallpaper with different colours. Now, users can enjoy new dynamic wallpapers, thanks to iDynamic a new jailbreak application released by Cydia developer, lets you add a more new collection to your iPhone.

Here are some steps that’ll help you add new dynamic wallpapers:

  • Open Cydia
  • Look for iDynamic
  • Choose iDynamic from search results
  • Tap on Install, an icon will appear on your iPhone’s Home screen on the completion.
  • Launch iDynamic application, you’ll find this app coming with some complimentary and paid dynamic wallpapers. Each wallpaper will set you back at $0.99.

iDynamic a jailbreak app

  • To add new one to your collection, tap on the image which you want to see on your iPhone.
  • It’ll show you the whole collection of dynamic wallpapers. Hit circular button located at the top right side.

dynamic wallpapers

These dynamic wallpapers through iDynamic also feature subtle animation to give extra touch. There’s no big changes in iDynamic except the replacement of old with new ones. If you don’t feel good with these Dynamic wallpapers, there’s an easy way to set your iPhone back on default wallpapers. The fourth entry in the Dynamic wallpapers is default wallpapers.


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