Say Goodbye to Blur Effect in the iOS 7

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For those who aren’t content with the blur effect in the iOS 7 as it adds nothing except disappointment, here’s something for you down here.

Say Goodbye to Blur Effect in the iOS 7

There’s a lot of new features added in the latest iOS 7 and one of them is a blur effect that is causing some problems. You may have tasted this effect if you have an iOS device running iOS 7.

In addition to eliminating this blur effect, Guiding Tech claims that it’ll improve battery life and performance on the older iPhones running iOS 7. I can’t endorse this claim, but if you are having many issues with the latest iOS 7 on an iPhone 4S or 4.

But you can now put this issue into the trashcan by simply following these steps Setting > then General > and Accessibility.

Say Goodbye to Blur Effect in the iOS 7

Once you have navigated to the section of Accessibility, find the option named Increase Contrast and then select it. Switch to On, and instantly pull up the Control Center or pull down the Notification Center.

Say Goodbye to Blur Effect in the iOS 7You should observe a radical change in the general appearance of both. Moreover, you will also find the subtle changes in the whole operating system, both in & out of the applications. Another sure place where you see this is in the Messeges when you’re typing a message.


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