How to Save iPhone Battery Life – Easy Tips

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how to save iPhone battery life

It’s one of the main problems that every smartphone user is looking for. We do loads of different things on our phones everyday. We aren’t saying you to make less use of your phone but how you use really matters. Everything that is done through proper planning always results good. So, here’re some simple tricks that may help your phone eat less power.

  • When you aren’t using your phone, then it’s far better to put your device on a Sleep Mode. Doing so will enlarge your iPhone battery.
  • You should turn off push email and get into the habit of checking your account less frequent.
  • Animated wallpapers always look good but they also suck a significant part of your handset’s battery. If you still want to stay with these wallpapers then you aren’t interested in saving your phone’s battery.
  • It’s a fact that we are using different apps at once and forget closing them after the use. They keep drawing your iPhone’s battery without having you feel. So, you should be knowing what’s being run on your handset.
  • Playing games is one of the main causes that reduces your phone’s life. There’re lots of games with intense graphics may cause a great battery loss. You can have games that don’t do much harm to your phone.
  • Turn off the GPS while not in use. Many users keep it running with nothing to use. Bluetooth is also anther thing that should be turned off when you’re not using it.
  • Reduce your phone’s brightness if you think it is reducible. If you have extra apps on your handset then say them goodbye. They keep running at the back end of your smartphone without letting you know.

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