Replace iPhone 3GS Cases

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Follow the below tutorial to replace iPhone 3GS cases.


iPhone 3GS cases tools

  1. SIM Removal Tool
  2. A Screw Driver
  3. A Case Opener


The following steps will help your way out in replacing the iPhone 3GS cases.

iPhone 3GS cases replacementStep 1:  Using a SIM removal tool to remove the SIM.

Step 2:  There are two screws present at the bottom of the iPhone right on each side of the main connector. Remove the screws with the help of a screw driver.

Step 3:  Using a case opener start near where you removed the first screw.

  • There are 3 cables holding the display to the motherboard. The cables are numbered 1, 2 and 3. You have to remove the cables exactly in the order they are placed.
  • The third cable is pushed into the connector and not pushed down the connector.
  • You will have to lift a small white tab at the back of the connector up to a 45 degree angle and the ribbon will slide up.

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Step 4:  Next you have to remove the cable that is numbered 4. Just pull it and it will come out.

Step 5: Then cable 5 and 6 have to be removed.

Step 6:  Now you will remove seven screws. Then you will remove the screws near the camera. Lift the camera up with the help of a case opener tool.

Step 7: Now remove the motherboard from the assembly using a case opener tool.

Step 8: Now remove the screws near the speaker assembly.

  • Pull the speaker assembly out with the help of a case opener.
  • Take care not to tear the microphone assembly when you are removing the speaker.

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Step 9: Now remove the battery from the back casing using a case opener.

Step 10: Remove the screws to relieve the vibrating motor.

Step 11: Remove the screws at the top left corner near the headphone jack.

Step 12: Remove the screws at the top right corner to release the standby button.

Step 13: Remove two more screws around the number 6 connector.

Step 14: Remove another three screws to release the volume and mute button.

Step 15: Remove one more screw near the number 6 cable assembly.

Step 16: You need to remove one more screw near the headphone jack assembly.

Step 17: Remove the on/off switch.

Step 18: Start lifting the cables up. Start with the headphone jack. Remove the volume control system and the rest of the wiring.

Step 19: Remove the chrome bezel from the plastic back using a case opener.

Step 20: Remove the plastic inserts one at a time and the job is done.

If you follow the  it would become easy to replace iPhone 3GS cases without any issue.

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