How to Reduce Motion Sickness in iOS 7

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Reduce annoying motion sickness

After the release of iOS 7, there have been lots of complaints popping out as many were causing slow down and motion sickness. It could be an effect of new things that take time to settle down. But, Apple managed to announce iOS 7.1 to fix these issues. This new update brought in some new toggles and features that were skipped at the September launch. Let’s find how you can fix motion sickness in iOS 7.

  • Open Settings App > General > Accessibility and simply hit on ‘Reduce Motion’
  • Enable the Reduce Motion, that’ll reduce the parallax effect and other animations to a great extent. It’ll also stop the dynamic background feeling and bounce scrolling effect found in Messages.

reduce motion sickness

  • If you want to disable Parallax effect only and stick to other animations, then say thanks to iOS 7.1 that brings a new toggle for this, the ‘Perspective Zoom’ lets the users turn off Parallax effect. To do so, go to the settings > Perspective Zoom > Wallpapers and Brightness > select a new wallpaper for your home screen.

Disable Parallax effect

  • On the previewing of wallpaper, there’ll be a button named ‘Perspective Zoom’, Turn it off to disable ‘Parallax Effect’ and choose the wallpaper.

You’ve successfully got a cure over motion sickness. Want to share something to this story? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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