How to Make FaceTime Calls on Your iPhone or iPad

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FaceTime has become the ultimate means of communication and is only applicable on Apple devices. You can make video or audio calls absolutely free from one iOS device to another one or from your Mac to your iOS device and vice versa. The condition of using FaceTime is that both of the call maker and call receiver should have FaceTime account enabled on their devices. If you don’t have one right now, then no worries. You can create your own one by visiting It won’t take too long.

It’s a built-in calling app in Apple devices that employs the back and front cameras for continues video calls. You can also make audio calls when you think you’re not looking good. Anyhow, today we let you know you can make FaceTime calls on your iPhone or iPad.

FaceTime calls on iPhone

Here’s how you do;

Go to the contacts and choose the contact you like to call to on the FaceTime. Hit the FaceTime icon under the contact’s name in order to make a video call.

If you are already busy in a call with your buddy and want to make a video call, then you need to invite that person in a video call by pressing the FaceTime icon next to the contact name.

Siri can also be used for this purpose to initiate FaceTime callings. Siri does not always work accurately but to try isn’t a bad thing. You just need to tell Siri, ‘’FaceTime with David’’.

Using Siri is an optional case especially when you’re driving. If it does not recognize your contact, it might ask you to clarify who you’re talking about from your contact list.


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